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An Insurance Agent means a person who holds himself out to advise on or arrange contracts of insurance as an agent & representative for one or more insurers. They have to be Appointed by the Insurance Company AND Authorized by The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI).


Under the system set up by the Commissioner of Insurance:

1)   Insurance agents, their responsible officers and technical representatives need to be registered with and monitored by the Insurance Agents Registration Board under The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Administration of Insurance Agents.

2)    Insurance Agent is under tight monitoring from the Insurance Companies they represent, including but not limit of Financial Audit.

3)    Under Section 68 of the Insurance Company Ordinance specifies that an insurer shall be responsible for the actions of its appointed insurance agents in their dealings with clients in respect of the issue of insurance contracts and related insurance business.



An insurance broker means a person who acts as the insurance intermediaries of  the policyholder or potential policyholder. They have no affiliation with any insurance company and are under self-regulated system by becoming a member of one of the two approved broker bodies.




There are many benefits for relying on an Insurance Agent: The Insurance Agent in Hong Kong is under multiple regulatory and monitoring systems to maintain a higher standard of Professionalism and Business Ethic.  As the representative of the insurance company, an agent provides quotation and accepts coverage on behalf of the insurance company.  Also, considered as part of the insurance company, Insurance Agent can usually get a quotation faster than other intermediaries. All in all, your rights will be well protected when you place your insurance through an Insurance Agent.

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