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Investment Management Insurance


Investment landscape changes second by second. Even the most experienced investment manager might provide clients with wrongful information, or accidentally commit non-disclosure/omission on key information.

Clients are very forgiving when you are earning money for them, but things will deteriorate quickly when you are making them loose money. One moment you are their golden boy, the next minute they will be suing you and won't stop until you have nothing left.

Investment Management Insurance provides financial protection to the investment manager, fund and its director and officer against claims arising from any error, wrongful or improper act or omission while performing investment services.


Investment Management Insurance provides coverage on the following areas:

  1. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (D&O) in protecting individuals for specific management and personal liabilities.
  2. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) for investment services offered by investment managers and advisors.
  3. Crime Insurance to protect the investment managers and funds from theft by employees or third parties.

If you want to learn more about Product Liability and how you can be protected, contact us today!


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