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"Very few insurance intermediaries in Hong Kong have our expertise on Product Liability Insurance." And I don't make this claim lightly.


I am James Ho from Grand Trust Underwriters, and for the past 20 years, I had worked very hard to make myself an expert in this field. Not only am I being trusted by our clients and insurance company, I am also the one highly recommended by merchandisers from major retailers and world branded licensers.


Being a trusted adviser to the merchandisers, I can tell you the following - On more than one occasion, they told me if they ever need to choose between two very similar suppliers, they will pick the one that ALREADY has an existing Product Liability Insurance, EVERY SINGLE TIME.


If you are a manufacturer or an exporter, you need to understand that "a manufacturer and any one involved in the distribution of a product is responsible for the product and for the duration of its life span if it causes injury and damage to the user or anyone come into contact with it."


The legal environment of the world is changing in a rapid pace. People in USA, Japan, European Community are more aware of the safety and damage recovery of a product. For them, finding a lawyer that is eager to sue you involve just a few click on the keyboard.


Every country have their own different Product liability law. Even China have at least two major laws related to Product Liability. Even if you won at the end, the legal fees itself will most likely put you and your company in a very bad shape.


What can be done to lower your risk?


Product Liability Insurance can!


Product Liability Insurance will provide cover for the legal cost of defending the litigation, the compensation for the injured person/damaged property(excluding punitive damage) and more -- at a very reasonable premium.


To learn more about Product Liability Insurance or get a quotation, please contact us.


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In order to provide a quotation, we will need:

Application Form

Product Photo

Test reports (if any)

Warning Labels (if any)

User Manual/Instructions (if any)


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